Premium Non-Alcoholic Mixer
Tailor made for your drinking preference


CLIJÉ is a one of a kind uniquely blended mixer made from fruits and a no calorie sweetener for a refreshingly luxurious taste. Flavoursome and perfectly tailored to fit all of your drinking preferences at all your favourite occasions.

Cocktails & Mocktails

The perfect cocktail base to use in making delicious cocktails - from the classics to trying new cocotions. Take your mocktails to the next level with our tasty flavour also.

mixer for spirits

The perfect mixer for both light and dark spirits with our unique blend that makes your drink refreshing smooth and indulgent

Non-Alcoholic Drink

The perfect refreshing drink. Our signature taste makes for the perfect healthier alternative drink with ingredients that are all natural and vegan friendly.


I received some of the mixers and wow was i pleased! The flavour of this drink mixer is delicious, will definately be buying from them again!


This drink is sooo delicious! They are such a lovely change from the sweetness of lemonade or the bitterness of tonic. They are so refreshing and went really well with gin!

Fiona Burgess

Great drink it compliments my choice of alcohol very well (spiced rum) and was perfect by itself as it's light on the tongue, flavoursome & refreshing. You have to try it!!