Our Story

CLIJÉ began with the notion of making the experiences we enjoy, as tailored as possible. For us, this meant having non-alcoholic drinks we could confidently say tasted amazing, felt satisfying and fit any occasion.
This meant unpacking the fine details of what a good drink meant to the overall experience for us as individuals. This eureka moment represented the meaning behind the name - ‘something you use to add value to other things’. 
The idea developed into a brand that embodied a passion for better inclusive lifestyle options, which for us meant healthier indulgences.
 These fusions of influence mirror our city of origin, London - which is well known for its global blend of cultures, captivating experiences and indulgent scenes. 
We put all of these ideas into our non-alcoholic drinks, which started off predominately as mixers for spirits but since evolved into ready to drinks for all drinking preferences. Our vision is to continue to complement and inspire the experiences you enjoy in a way that feels tailored to the moment, each and every time.