What Is Clijé?

CLIJÉ started as a phrase to describe ‘something you use to add value to other things’. This became the mantra for our vision as CLIJÉ represented more than just a word, but an expression for inspiring and complementing anything with your own personal touch to it.
The idea to create a brand that embodied all of our influences mixed into one steams from our city of origin, London - which is well known for its global mix of cultures creating some of the most captivating experiences anywhereDeveloped by our team, our flavour similarly is representative of a multiple of influences with our specially selected fusion of fruits from the continents of Africa all the way to Asia, blended free from sugar and instead mixed with the natural sweetener Stevia - but has no calories for the most incredible signature taste.
Here is your introduction to not just to a brand tailored to you for delicious indulgences, but another step to complementing a lifestyle that is luxurious to you, because it was made for you. Finding your own flavour of personal satisfaction is what we want to inspire. So if we were to ask you what Clijé meant to you, what would it be?