Tailor Made Mixer

Why pick one thing to look forward to with your mixers, when you can have it all. Our tailor-made mixers create that all round satisfaction with our premium taste, all nature ingredients and delicious flavours you can enjoy whatever your drinking preference. Our journey for better drinking experiences that fit in with a healthier lifestyle is what makes CLIJÉ the non-alcoholic that feels like a whole new experience.

Developed by our team in London, our flavour in contrast are a specially selected fusion of fruits from the continents of Africa all the way to Asia, blended free from sugar and instead mixed with the natural sweetener Stevia - 10 times sweeter but has no calories. One of a kind and no compromise on our quality promise.
Our passion is to inspire your indulgent moments you can feel good about and enjoy with your favourite spirits, cocktails/mocktails or equally enjoyable on its own. The proof is in the taste.